ACCESS Ambassadors
Masters of mental health advocacy

ACCESS Ambassadors are mental health clients from across the state of California who provide their unique perspectives to inform the MHSOAC’s work and perform wider advocacy-related activities both locally and statewide.


ACCESS Ambassadors receive extensive advocacy training and ongoing support from the ACCESS team to ensure key policy makers receive appropriate guidance, input, and subject matter expertise from stakeholders from diverse communities throughout California. Ambassadors recruit and train additional stakeholders within their own local communities to establish and strengthen local advocacy networks, increase stakeholder participation in the community planning process, and ensure county mental health systems incorporate client/consumer voice and choice in local-level policy planning, programming decisions, and services delivery.

ACCESS maintains a network of Ambassadors, representing all five of California's MHSA regions. All of these individuals have personal lived experience of recovery from a mental health challenge and have experience conducting community outreach, stakeholder engagement, and local- and state-level mental health advocacy.

Superior Region Ambassadors

Andrea Wagner


Butte County

Vernon Price


Humboldt County

Bay Area Region Ambassadors

Michael Lim


San Mateo County

Pamela Weston

Monterey County

Richard Gallo

Santa Cruz County

Carol West


Sonoma County

Lorraine Zeller

Santa Clara County

Pamela Miles

Alameda County

Jaime Yan Faurot


Marin County

Central Region Ambassadors

John Aguirre


Stanislaus County

Clarene White

Fresno County

Jessie Wright

Sacramento County

Bill Floyd

Stanislaus County

Los Angeles Region Ambassadors

Pam Inaba


Service Area 6: South

Amparo Ostojic

Service Area 4: Metro

Alicia Crews

Service Area 6: South

Jolissa Hebard

Service Area 8: South Bay

Tiffany Duvernay


Service Area 6: South

Hector Ramirez

Service Area 2: San Fernanado

Bianca Gallegos

Service Area 6: South

Thomas Smith

Service Area 6: South

Johana Lozano

Service Area 7: East

Southern Region Ambassadors

Vickie Mack

San Bernardino County

Arenta Brown

San Bernardino County

Chuck Hughes

Santa Barbara County

Pete LaFollette


Ventura County

Jacob McDuffee


Santa Barbara County

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