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Monthly Webinars
For leaders, advocates, and the general public

Quarterly Advocacy webinars provide mental health policy updates from a client perspective, present legislative and policy analysis in an accessible manner, discuss opportunities for stakeholders to get involved with local- and state-level advocacy activities, and offer practical tips and resources to effectively participate in the MHSA Community Program Planning process. Stakeholders can give feedback on important policy issues and help the ACCESS program focus its state-level advocacy activities. Vital support and coaching for ACCESS Ambassadors is also provided. 


Quarterly Leadership webinars offer a collaborative forum for county-designated client advocates/liaisons in California to discuss local and statewide mental health policy issues, local-level trends and concerns, best practices and success stories, and the needs of clients throughout the state. Legislative and policy analysis will be provided, and participants will identify opportunities for local- and state-level public advocacy. County leadership and other policy makers will receive practical tips and resources to help facilitate stakeholder participation in the MHSA Community Program Planning process. 


Quarterly Learning Series webinars for clients, policy makers, organizational leaders, providers, advocates, and community stakeholders provide a forum for individuals working in the PMHS and those receiving services to discuss their experiences, tips, challenges, and best practices related to services delivery, stakeholder inclusion and engagement, effective advocacy and systems change, recovery-oriented practices, peer employment and other important topics, with opportunities to share ideas and get questions answered in a friendly, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment

Past Webinars

ACCESS records its webinars and archives past webinars for at least six months. If you were unable to participate in a recent live webinar, chances are, the recording is available here. Click on one of the buttons below to watch the webinar you're interested in.

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