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What We Do
Making the MHSA's vision for meaningful stakeholder involvement a reality

Our network of regional Ambassadors advocate on behalf of local community stakeholders in California's MHSA regions. Together, we promote the MHSA's vision for local stakeholder inclusion across the state.


ACCESS implements statewide advocacy strategies to elevate the voices, identify the needs, and increase genuine public participation of client stakeholders to drive truly transformative change in California’s Public Mental Health System. We attend state-level mental health meetings, monitor proposed legislation, and actively solicit stakeholder feedback on important policy matters affecting public mental health clients throughout California. Our legislative priorities seek ways to expand the reach of the MHSA.


ACCESS conducts ongoing research in mental health practices and policy matters to promote client-driven and recovery-oriented services in California's Public Mental Health System. ACCESS performs data collection activities throughout the year to assess counties' ability to effectively implement MHSA requirements and identify gaps in knowledge where our expertise can support local agencies seeking to improve services and supports for clients in their communities. Take a moment to share

your voice with us.


Through our ongoing research and data collection activities, ACCESS measures the facts on the ground as they relate to stakeholder participation, recovery-oriented services, and inclusion of peer support positions in local mental health systems. ACCESS uses this data to craft recommendations and policy priorities to improve outcomes for clients and communities.


ACCESS provides comprehensive training and technical assistance to counties, state agencies, clients, and communities to improve understanding of the MHSA and promote meaningful stakeholder involvement in state and local mental health policy and program planning. We offer in-person trainings, on-call technical assistance and coaching, educational webinars, e-learning modules, and other resources and supports to enhance understanding of the MHSA and support the implementation of  effective community-identified strategies.


ACCESS conducts a variety of activities to engage with clients and community members to ensure their voices are heard on matters affecting them. We hold two community outreach events in each of the five MHSA regions every year, and utilize social media platforms and communication tools to keep our constituents informed about what we are working on and ways to get involved in upcoming activities. We publish monthly email blasts and attend community events to share who we are and what we do.

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